Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois
Curve-In, Fairview Avenue

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fairview Park Bears

Larry "Bear" Logue passes this along from all of our pasts. Do you remember the bears at Fairview Park, Decatur, Illinois?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pick Up Your Mac 65 Book Today!

The front, sample inside page, and back of the 100 page long Reunion and Directory Book.

Clarification Note:  You do not have to be a Mac 65 graduate to obtain this book. If you were unable to attend the reunion but wish to have this book, see near the end of this blog for instructions on getting a copy via the mail. We are trying to make ends meet, so help out by buying a copy at a reasonable rate. Thank you.

The Commencement Program for the Graduation Class of 1965 for MacArthur High School listed 360 people. What happened to all of these individuals?  Where did they go to school or end up working? Where do your high school friends live today? What have they been doing? How many are married to each other? Who has passed away and how? Now you can have the answers to all those questions and more.

The newly published reunion book was given out to those who are registered for the Mac 65 reunion (June 24-25, 2011, Decatur, Illinois). The publication contains the most comprehensive collection of biographical sketches ever assembled for the MacArthur High School graduates of 1965.

The effort to collect any kind of bio info on every class member has been so extensive, with such superb cooperation from a majority of the Class, the book is a massive tome. The information is presented in a perfect bound paperbound book, 8.5" by 11" in size, totaling 100 pages of text in Times News Roman 10 pt font. The biographies section alone is 23,000 words. Yes, it may require reading glasses for most, but the amount of information is so great, and the desire to keep the book affordable, small print was the solution. 
A variety of MacArthur classmate historical data is revealed. Which high school sweethearts are still together? What others have re-discovered each other years later and are happily with each other today? 

The book tells of the "first cars" of 120 members of the Class of 1965, who shared the type of the vehicle they initially owned. One person even told the name she gave her first car.  The "first car" passages contain an intriguing gathering of humorous memories of those vintage autos.

Finally, when this project began, who could have known that the stories of those who have died would be so compelling. Sometimes this was because of the identity of those who had passed away and the shock of a youthful age for a few deaths. Other times, it was because of how the person had died.

Among the Class of 1965, out of 360 graduates, it is known that 40 of our classmates have died.  Of these folks, the following are their causes of death, as recorded to date and detailed for each person within their bio entry in this new book:

Acute asthma attack (1)
Auto wreck, hit by a lumber truck (1)
Brain cancer (2)
Colon cancer (1)
Drowning accident (2)
Explosive device, Vietnam (1)
Gastric bypass surgery (1)
Head injuries, after a fall (1)
Heart disease (2)
Hunting accident (1)
Liver cancer
Lung cancer (2)
Motorcycle wreck, hit by a semi-truck (1)
Murder (2)
Pancreatic cancer (1)
Ruptured spleen (due to a fall) (1)
Traffic accident (1)
Unknown/age-related? (18)

The Table of Contents for this book is, as follows:

Title page (a page)
Introduction (a page)
Biographical Sketches (48 pages)
Contact Directory (10 pages)
Senior Pages 1965 (40 pages)

Were you unable to attend the reunion but want a copy of the book?  Pick up one for yourself or a relative of a graduate. Order it today, by using PayPal [ to ] or sending a check to Loren Coleman, PO Box 360, Portland, ME 04112.  The cost is $17.00, for the book, handling, and priority mailing.

In the meantime, send along new info for the constantly updated database of bios and obits for the MacArthur HS Class of 1965.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Decatur Tribune Highlights Reunion

A photographer from the Decatur Tribune attended the recent MacArthur Reunion. Also, the publisher interviewed Donna Camp about how she was able to obtain the Elam's sign for its special appearance, and the newspaper carried images from the event.

The June 29th issue of the Decatur Tribune, therefore, contains a front page notice (complete with the Elam's sign), and full coverage inside with quotes and several photographs.

The publisher has forwarded information on how anyone can obtain copies of the newspaper.

Anyone wanting copies of this week's (June 29, 2011) edition can either pick them up at our newsstands (until they are replaced by next week's edition), drop by the Tribune office (where we have some back editions) or send a check for $2.50 to: Decatur Tribune, P. O. Box 1490, Decatur, IL 62525-1490.  The reason we have to charge $2.50 is we have to mail them in a manila envelope and the postage is much higher than the normal postage when all of the Tribs go out on Wednesday.  They should be sure to specify they want the June 29th edition with the MacArthur reunion photo page in it.

We talked about Elam's, the page and the class reunion as part of my weekly "City Hall Insider" hour on the Byers & Co. show over WSOY Thursday morning (June 30, 2011).

Unable to attend the reunion but want a copy of the 100-page long Mac 1965 Reunion and Directory Book?  Pick up extras for yourself or a relative of a graduate. Supplies are limited. Order it today, by using PayPal [ to ] or sending a check to Loren Coleman, PO Box 360, Portland, ME 04112.  The cost is $17.00, for the book, handling, and priority mailing. Thank you for supporting the reunion research project with your corrections and additions! Onward to 2015.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reunion: Couples and More

Shelia Blankenship and Jim Roppa

Millie McCaddon and Keith Rogers

Hank Billingsley and Sandy Bralley

Rick Livesay and George Slater

Margy High and a red Corvette

Upfront is Lynn Calhoun. In back are Del McCoy, Pat Ryan, Jeff Messmore, Mike Davis, and Al Cowgill

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reunion: Car Cruise

Here are some random images from the June 24th car cruise event at the Reunion of the Class of 1965.  More pictures will be posted in the coming days.

The surprise guest of the evening: Donna Camp was able to schedule a command performance appearance by the newly rediscovered and fixed Elam's Silverfross Root Beer sign. Donna adds: "We have Dan Brintlinger to thank for finding the sign and Steve Trebacz for buying it and restoring it."

Beautiful vintage cars abounded. And a couple new retro ones too.
Crowds of alumni gathered like cicadas outside...chattering away.
Talking and telling tales from high school.
Rick Livesay, Reunion Chair, was still hard at work during the car cruise.

Meanwhile, inside, late into the evening, more Mac folks visited with each other.

As the night stretched long beyond our bedtimes, the glow of the Elam's sign merged with the mumblings of MacArthur men and women, as the nighthawks flying above could be heard overhead. It was a perfect night in the Midwest.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Countdown to the Reunion...

Need more info on the book produced in conjunction with the event. See here.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reunion Car Cruise

Are you coming to the MacArthur Class of 1965's Friday Night Car Cruise and Show on June 24, 2011? Organized by Donna Camp Maddox, it will be something to behold. Needless to say, come watch the cruising of the vintage cars, but would you like to show your own?  It's not too late to get involved, and bring your old auto along with your young body...or memories.

Please call Donna at 618-594-8460 or email her at donna.maddox.65 {@} gmail  (see below for full info).

See you there!

Douglas MacArthur Class of 1965 will be hosting a car cruise at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel west parking lot Friday night -  June 24, 2011 for the class of 65,66, and 67 class reunion. All members of those three classes and any MacArthur alum that has an old or interesting vehicle needs to contact Donna Camp and Wayne Maddox at 618-594-8460.
There is no charge to display a vehicle during the evening. There will be special reunion dash plaques for the first 100 cars. The DJ will have  lots of 60’s music, a 50/50 drawing, good food, and lots of fun.
Please do not bring  alcohol in your vehicles, radios off so the DJ can do his thing, and no burn outs. 
We will start parking cars for the cruise at 4:00 pm. Dress is casual and feel free to bring your lawn chairs. 
At 5:00 pm those who have paid to attend the reunion are to start registering inside the hotel. Cost for that will be $15 per person or $25 per couple. 
At 7:00 pm the reunion room inside will open. 
Anyone interested in participating in the Saturday morning golf outing June 25th needs to contact Pat Ryan at 429-9252 or John Renner at 429-0448.
The Revisit Mac Tour journey back in time will be Saturday afternoon. Call Pat Ryan for more details  if you are planning to attend.
Saturday evening registration and the meet and greet start at 6:30 followed by welcome and dinner at 7:15. Cost for that will be $45 per person or $85 per couple. 
Members of the Class of ’65 should send checks to Millie McCaddon and Keith Rogers at 1936 S. Fairview Avenue, Decatur, IL. 62521. For more information, call 817-372-6125. Members of the Class of ’66 should send checks to Barbara Burns Phillips, 3991 Park Lane, Decatur, IL. 62521. For more information call 423-5729. Members of the Class of ’67 should contact Bill Van Alstine at 428-3522.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Missing! Please Help.

In about a month, the reunion of the Class of 1965 will take place. We are still looking for some missing people. Can you help?

From the Class of 1965, MacArthur High School, Decatur, Illinois, the following people are still missing.

Do you have any information about them?

1    Barb Baker
2    Donna Barfield Barlow
3    Floyd Campbell    [Found ~ 2.4.2011]
4    Darrilyn Castelli Lewis
5    Robert T. Cross
6    Annie Kate Currie
7    Diana Dotson
8    Carolyn Elbert Camp
9    Sharon Goldman
10    Pam Goodwin Kemp
11    Shirley Grupe McCartney
12    Maria Lynn Harris
13    Michelle Highley Zaba
14    Robert F. Hunter
15    Barbara J. King
16    Jim Douglas Klausmeier
17    Joan McElrath
18    Darrell Lynn Miller
19    Leslie (Skip) T. Perks
20    Susan Ramsey
21    Kathy Elaine Reeter
22    Linda Mae Rutherford
23    Joanne Marie Singleton
24    Nancy Smith
25    Jeanette Anne Sullivan
26    Carolyn Trudy Summer Cummings
27    Joanne Elizabeth Taylor
28    Lucille Paulette Taylor
29    Claudia Voelcker
30    Lamae Wachholz
31    Linda Jane White Edelhofer
32    Charles Winegardner

Contact me,, if you do, and I'll pass it on to the Reunion Committee.

Thank you.