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Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who Is Missing?

Do you know where any of these people are?

In the attempt to find everyone before the June 2011 Reunion for the Classes of 1965, 1966, and 1967, a concentrated effort is occurring to locate all of the missing.

The following list, initially compiled by Millie McCaddon and enhanced, is posted here to see if you have any information on the following people. All of the names below are graduates of the Class of 1965, Douglas MacArthur High School, Decatur, Illinois, whose whereabouts are unknown. Some may be deceased, of course, but, as of right now, up-to-date info is lacking.

If you have any data about them, please pass that along by clicking here. If you have updates or additional information for this list or the earlier one on "Who Has Died?", please use the safe contact form here to communicate info.

Mac '65: Who Is Missing?
Updates are added, in bold.

Martha Allen (Taylor)
Barbara Baker
Andrew Eugene Barber
Donna Lee Barfield (Barlow)
Mary Ann Bass (Danis)
Murray Halleck Beck - Found, living in Illinois.
Cindy Anne Best (Danner)
Donna K. Bottrell (Martin) - Found, living in Wisconsin.
Donald Eugene Brewer - Found, living in Florida.
Sharon Ann Bridgeman
Terri Louise Brown (Stuhlmann)
John Burkehart
Richard Allen (Dick) Burrous - Found, living in Oregon.
Greg Lee Butler - Found, living in Texas.
Carol Louise Buttz (Hawes)
Lynn Franklin Calhoun - Found, living in Decatur.
Floyd Campbell
Darrilyn Faye Castelli (Lewis)
Pat Charles (Bilyeu) - Deceased
Robert (Bob) Thomas Cross
Donna Jean Cunningham (Ferhenbach)
Annie Kate Currie
James Stephen Dehority - new add to missing
Diana Lee Dotson - new add to missing
Carolyn Joyce Elbert (Camp) - Located, more info needed.
Ray Edward Estes
Joseph Don Garvin Jr.
Stephen L. Gideon
Richard Gilaspie (sp?) or R. L. Gillespie - new add to missing
Sharon Lynn Goldman
Pam Goodwin (Kemp)
Becky Diane Grant (Revell) - Deceased
Shirlee Grupe (McCartney)
Linda Kay Gulino (Ogden) - Found, living in Arizona.
Keith Douglas Hamman - new add to missing
Peggy Harper (Sipes)
Charles Thomas (Tom) Harrington
Sheila Jo Harrington (Telford)
Maira Lynn Harris
R. Steve Hill
Donnie R. Howard - Perhaps found, Chicago
Richard Lynn Huston - new add to missing
Carol Ann Irvin
Paul Young Irvin
Barbara J. King
Jim Douglas Klausmeier
David Knight
Shirley Ann Macklin (Bates)
Joan McElrath
Paula McGehee (Foran) - Found, living in Illinois.
Ken McGlade - Found, living in Decatur
Daniel Edly Mahnke - new add to missing
Thomas (Tom) Edward Manship - Found, living in New York.
Margarette Ann Meisenheimer (Repass) (Gault) - Found, living in Decatur.
Rebecca (Becky) Lou Miller (Dick) - Found, living in Decatur.
Darrell Lynn Miller
Connie Nixon (Wilber)
Janet Lee Owens
Susan Beth Parry (Gordon)
Michael (Mike) (Skip) Pieszala - Found, living in Illinois.
Susan Ramsey
Frances Lynette Ray (Whitehurst)
Kathy Elaine Reeter
Beverly Ann Rogers (Donavan)
Charlene Ann Ruff (Smith)
Linda Mae Rutherford
Gay Lee Schlacter (Johnson) - Found, living in Chicago.
Edwin Leon Scott - Found, living in California.
John Shields
Joanne Marie Singleton
Sharon Sue Sledge - Found, in Arizona.
(Mary) Stephany Smith
Nancy Karen Smith (Rickemann)
Carol Joann Steele (Lemons)
Cynthia Sue Sterns (Sample)
John Carlbert Stroup
Jeannette Anne Sullivan
Judy Swam (Ray)
Donald Roy Swartz
Joanne Elizabeth Taylor
Lucille Paulette Taylor
Patricia Kingsley Teare - Found, living in Chicago.
Tom Tomalla - Is he really in Missouri? Further confirmation needed.
Sue Todd (Lewis) (Woolington) - Found, living in Decatur.
Claudia Voelcker
Lamae Wachholz
Nancy Jane Walker (Morrison)
Marilyn Sue Walton (Anderson)
Ralph Weaver
Linda Jane White (Edelhofer)
Gary Wilhelm
Charles Winegardner
Gary Lee Word - Found, in Arizona.
Alice L. Young (Hardenfeld) - Found, living in Indiana.

If you have any new information, pass it along!

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