Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Richard Huston Passes Away

Richard Lynn "Dick" Huston has passed away. On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Dick had a heart attack and died.

Richard Huston as a sophomore, 1963.

Richard Huston was a Douglas MacArthur, Class of 1965 graduate. He was involved with Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Big Mac Day 2, 3; Spanish Club 1, 2; Class Council 1, and Student Council Assembly 3.


Dick Huston was living in Decatur, Illinois, at the time of his death. In recent previous years, he had been living in Douglas, Wyoming. (More info will be added, when available.)

Douglas is an interesting town in which a former Decatur resident might live. A center for horse culture and the birthplace of the jackalope, the origins of the name "Douglas" is intriguing - linking it right back to Illinois.
Douglas was platted in 1886 when the Wyoming Central Railway (later the Chicago and North Western Transportation Company) established a railway station; the settlement had been in existence since 1867 when Fort Fetterman was built and was first known as “Tent City” before it was officially named "Douglas," after Senator Stephen A. Douglas. Source.
Stephen Arnold Douglas (April 23, 1813 – June 3, 1861) was an American politician from Illinois....He was a U.S. representative, a U.S. senator, and the Democratic Party nominee for president in the 1860 election, losing to Republican Abraham Lincoln. Source.

Our condolences to Richard Huston's family and friends.

h/t to Millicent Smith ('65) & Carol Doolin ('66) for this sad news.

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