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Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gary W. Deadmond Has Passed Away

Gary Deadmond was a member of the MacArthur High School Class of 1965, and was involved in Cadet Band 1; Concert Band 2, 3, 4; Ensemble 2, 3, 4; and Dance Band 2, 3, 4.

Sandy Deadmond, near Decatur, Illinois, posted this:

My baby, my Gary W. Deadmond is gone now and at complete peace 11:25 pm on 22nd [November 2016]. Nobody like him, he was the Best. I love him so much. No more dialysis, amputations, hospitals, tests, surgeries, he's FREE now!! I will always LOVE him ♡♡♡ He was my Cowboy!! Thank You everyone for all the prayers.

Gary's memories focussed on his loves and his music. We all will remember his spirit forever. Here are some photos that he had used to share how much he celebrated living.

Gary W. Deadmond's life was his family, his music, his memories of the band, and his many relationships - whether they be of relatives, friends, classmates, horses, dogs, or his cars. He enjoyed life, and his biggest recent wish was to be at 2015's MacArthur Class of 1965 50th Reunion. Gary was the topic of so many conversations that he were certainly there with us in our thoughts and in spirit.

In 2011, Gary sent this overview of his life along to me for the Reunion book:
I am married and have lived back in Decatur, since 1994. We returned from California due to illness of both my parents, who both have since passed.
I had to retire due to cancer [when] I was given four months to live in 2006, after a lung biopsy, which showed both large cell and small cell cancer.
I worked and lived in California for several years in the aerospace industry, as an engineer on such programs as the Space Shuttle, B1 Stealth Bombers and many missile projects.
I have been married to my wife Sandy since January 29, 1982, and together we have six children (all grown with their own families) from previous marriages (four children of mine) and (two of hers). We have 12 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
We enjoy times at the Moose Lodge and also kareokeing at various places.
Still play the trumpet some but am very restricted due to health issues. Used to play in church regularly in the past.
My passions are my wife Sandy and all of my grandchildren.
Just wanted to let you know that my wife Sandy and I also had a horse ranch while we were living in Lucerne Valley, California. We bought and sold several horses as well as my wife trained them.
I was also VIP of Equestrian Trails International, Chapter #70, for the High Desert. Also was a judge at many horse shows and events.

Gary attempted to get well for the 50th Reunion in 2015, but had a relapse, and was not able to make it to the dinner events. But, as mentioned, he was on the lips of everyone, and thus he was there in spirit. Afterward, he got better and his wife Sandy shared his recovery adventures on Facebook.

Gary with Stay Gold in California, 1990.

Gary was born on October 5, 1947. The day Gary was born, the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman made the first televised statement from the White House. Gary saw in the modern age, but slowed his life down with, for example, his Sandy, his music and his equine loves, not to mention his family too.

Gary had been sick for awhile, and passed away on the anniversary of the JFK assassination, on November 22, 2016. His physician, Dr. Richard H. Fritz, another member of the MacArthur High School Class of 1965, a little over a year ago, died on November 7, 2015.

Gary's now with his horses and more, in a peaceful place.

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