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Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Bios of Mac '65 Grads

In 2011, the Reunion book was published. Some 1965 graduates have since sent in bios. The following biographical sketches are to be added to those contained in that publication. The three gentlemen listed below have lead interesting lives. Above their statements are their senior yearbook photographs.

Robert F. Hunter

After graduating from MacArthur High School, I attended Cedarville College in Cedarville, OH. I graduated in 1969 with a double major in Psychology and Biology. I went to Graduate School and received an MA in Psychology in 1974, and I taught for a year at Trinity College near Chicago, IL . While in Grad School I met Carol Deluca, a local teacher in the public schools and in 1976 we married. We have two children, Rachel (Rae) and Daniel. In 1974, I began working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I also taught psychology and peace study courses at the State University of Binghamton, now named Binghamton University. I went on to specialize in issues of racial reconciliation and diversity as a consultant and specialist with InterVarsity. From 1976 to 1990 we lived in Vestal, NY, near Binghamton, in a rural community where we enjoyed 4 acres of land and raised chickens. Carol received her Phd, in History, in 1989 from Binghamton.

My hobby, and second avocation, was music, and I played piano for church and worked with gospel choirs both on campuses and in the community. In 1990, Carol and I published a Bible Study Guide on Justice with InterVarsity Press and another guide with the Baptist Peace Fellowship the following year. I also worked on a project which resulted in an edited book with Orbis Press titled Yearning to Breathe Free.

We lived for a year in Jonesboro, AR where Carol taught History. The following year we moved to Richmond, IN. Carol was hired as a professor in history, and I continued to work with InterVarsity. We now have lived in Richmond for 25 years and are both retired. Our daughter, Rachel, is a teacher in the Richmond Public Schools and Daniel travels the world doing activist training and is employed with, an environmental group working on climate change issues world wide. Daniel and his wife, Lunden, live in Philadelphia, PA.

Steve Haury

Education: BA from MacMurray College in Jacksonville IL and MBA from the U of I Champaign-Urbana and endless courses in project management.

Military: National Guard with Co B 204th Med Bn, SP5 (That rank doesn't even exist anymore). At Fort Sam Houston my trumpet playing got me assigned to both the company and brigade bands when not in medical classes. Thankfully I was never sent to Viet Nam so summer camp injuries and vaccinations were the extent of my actual duties.

Career: Primarily government service having 28 years with the State of Illinois and 5 years with the City of Springfield. Now happily retired and living in Springfield, Illinois.

Family: Wife Sue (she has tolerated me for 39 years), three children (Christopher, Gretchen, and Matthew), and one very large English Mastiff (Annie).

Interests: Still somewhat interested in politics, but active campaign work is limited. I have met a lot of nice people, but politics can be very wearing and I don't feel the need to get that involved anymore.

Hobbies: Like many folks I have too many collections, from paperweights, campaign memorabilia, stereoscope cards, pocket watches and all sorts of antiques. Genealogical research has become so easy with that I sometime stay up until all hours following a distant part of the family tree. Field trips are still necessary, but sometimes expensive and often courthouse records are not as accurate as you might have supposed. I do visit cemeteries to check on dates and find family connections. This has led my children to make wisecracks about my "seeing dead people," but let’s be honest - there are no arguments with those folks.

Challenges: A triple bypass in 2004 got my attention and I have been appreciating more things lately. I used to consider myself to be at the leading edge of technology, now I am just at the edge - period. Sometimes my Blue Ray player gets me stumped and I wonder whether these "senior moments" are a harbinger of more wonderful experiences to come?

Frederic "Rick" G. Friedman

After graduating from Northwestern University’s Law School and Kellogg Graduate School of Management with the combined JD MBA degree, I moved with my wife, Elizabeth, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1973. I have been working with the law firm which has grown from 16 attorneys to over 200 attorneys since I started in June of 1973.  My area of practice is Trusts, Estates, closely held businesses, and succession planning. A major focus and joint activity in our lives has been serving on the boards of directors of several non-profits such as the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Ballet, Leave a Legacy Society, and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

We have raised three children and now have 3 grandchildren. We continue to enjoy life in Fox Point. Regrettably, I will be unable to attend but wish everyone a Happy 50th Reunion. MacArthur High School and you, my classmates, were a big part of my early formative life.

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