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Decatur, Illinois
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

They Have Passed Since Last We Met...

Memories of people, of passings....

For the 2011 Reunion, we gathered all the information we had on the class. This included all the personal data the Reunion Committee could obtain on the Class of 1965, of whom were alive and of whom had passed away. 

Since then, these are the folks we know we have lost:

Gary L. Thompson 

Mary Carolyn Hutchins

Jack Clendenen 

Linda Taylor

Bob Rock 

David Brookman

Barb Dyar

Loren Reuler

Paul Cutlip

John White

Phil Hunt

Darrilyn Faye Castelli

MacArthur Class of 1965 Deceased List

1. Danny Bouchez

2. Fred Boyer

3. Sharon Bridgeman (Ingram)

4. David Brookman

5. John Burchard

6. Judith Burke (Wilson)

7. Darrilyn Castelli (Lewis)

8. Thomas Chambers

9. Patricia Charles (Bilyeu)

10. Joan Clapp (Gentry)

11. Tim Cleary

12. Stephen Collins

13. Michael Cottle

14. John Coutrakon

15. Paul Cutlip

16. Mary Ann Decrevel (Kuster)

17. Carol Deremiah (Heinrich-Kramer)

18. Donna Derr

19. Barbara Dyar (Fox)

20. Greg Dye

21. Michael Elbl

22. Ray Estes

23. Linda Garver (McLaughlin)

24. Becky Grant (Revell)

25. David Gross

26. Steve Hill

27. Phillip Hunt

28. Mary Carolyn Hutchins

29. Francis Johnson

30. Richard Morris

31. Martin Moyer

32. Janet Owens (Terry)

33. Edward Palmer

34. Michael Paul

35. Stanley Pogue

36. Sandra Reed (Spain)

37. Loren Reuler

38. Terry Seats

39. John Stroup

40. Donald Swartz

41. Jim Tadlock

42. Gina Taylor (Saunders)

43. Linda Taylor Coon

44. Gary L. Thompson  

45. Steven Volle

46. John White

47. Douglas Wilcox

48. Kathie Wilhelm (Akins)

49. Donald Yelverton

50. Phillip Yocum

51. Robert Rock

Committee for the 50th Reunion
of the Mac Class of ’65  
Pat Ryan
Carole Carter Hill
Millie McCaddon Smith
Janet Polen Barker
Sandy Rentfro Porter
Julie Sederlund Delahunty
Blog/Facebook Page: Loren Coleman 


Additionally, various articles on known and unknown deaths have come to light. If you have more of these, please forward them.

Here are a couple examples sent to Donna Camp Maddox:

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