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Decatur, Illinois
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Save The Dates!!!!

Dear Fellow Classmates from the Class of 1965,

           SAVE THE DATES!!!!  JUNE 24th & 25th, 2011
Combined Triple Threat Trilogy Reunion 
MacArthur High School Classes of 1965, 1966, 1967
It has been 25 years since our last high school reunion and so many things have happened to us in that time! The reunion committee is now in the planning stages of our 46th reunion, and we want you to SAVE THE DATES …mark your calendar! That’s right, it will be 46 years in June 2011. Our graduation date was June 4, 1965.

The reunion will take place the weekend of June 24th & 25th, 2011. This is going to be a very exciting weekend for all of us as we will be having a combined reunion with the Classes of 1966 & 1967! We are calling this the Triple Threat Trilogy or “T3” or “TTT.” Since the Classes of ‘66 and ‘67 have had many other reunions much of the planning has already been done for us. Greg Cargill (Class of ‘66) and Bill Van Alstine (Class of ‘67) and their committees have already done most of the planning which is a big help to us since we have had only 1 previous reunion, and we thank the Classes of ’66 & ’67 for doing this! The Decatur Conference Center, formerly the Holiday Inn on Route 36, has been reserved that weekend for Friday and Saturday night with a block of rooms available at a discounted price. Many of you that will be coming from out of town may want to contact the DCC to reserve your room. That phone# is 217-422-8800.

The Class of 1965 Reunion Committee has been working hard this last year locating classmates who are living in many different states across the US. Many have been located but there are still a large number who have not been. 

Classmate Loren Coleman has created an informational blog for us at and lists the names of those whom we have failed to locate. Everyone who reads the blog will, hopefully, see a name and know where that classmate can be located. If you have that info please forward it to us! Please check out the blog as Loren has really put a lot of his time and talents into making it a newsworthy tool for us! He updates it frequently! I have heard that many classmates read the blog several times a week to be sure that they keep up with our classmates adventures! There is also a list of those from the Class of 1965 that are deceased. The blog lists many bios of classmates and would like to have more, so if you would write a bio please forward it to the email address that will be given at the end of this letter, or to Loren at

The prices have already been determined for the Friday and Saturday night gatherings and are Friday Night - $15 single and $25 per couple, and Saturday Night - $45 single and $85 per couple. We are also working on an alternate activity for Friday night for all to enjoy! If you are interested in getting a group together to play golf, or any other activity during the day on Saturday, please make your own arrangements. You may want to plan to get together with a few classmates that you have not seen in years in a smaller group for lunch or the afternoon!

This is the 1st of 3 letters that will go out, and actually, we would like to utilize as many email addresses as possible but we also realize that many do not have email addresses. Not everyone has responded after receiving emails from us. If we have already received your email address, and you have forwarded all info requested to us, you will still be getting this letter. There are many of you who have not responded to our email and we want to be sure that EVERYONE we can find has an opportunity to commit to the reunion. It is very important to us to reach everyone possible! What we need from you is: 1) current contact information (address, telephone#; 2) email address if you have one, and 3) a commitment that you will be attending the TTT Combined Reunion! We encourage each of you to purchase your tickets as quickly as possible so we can begin to meet our financial obligations as we move forward.

Please send those emails to us today with this requested info to or please mail info along with your check for Friday and/or Saturday nights to:

MacArthur High School Reunion, Class of 1965
1936 S. Fairview Avenue
Decatur, IL 62521
Remember to SAVE THE DATES on your calendars and contact us if you have any questions!
Rick Livesay, Chair and the rest of
The MacArthur Class of 1965 Reunion Committee

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