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Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still Missing

Can you help? Press play above, listen to our class song, and read on...

Members of the Class of 1965's Reunion Committee are running into problems finding a few people and could use some assistance from everybody in the class, as well as friends and families of former MacArthur schoolmates. 

What Donna Camp's subcommittee needs are confirming data, contact info, and anything that can be remembered about the following individuals:
Martha Allen Taylor
Barbara Baker
Donna Barfield Barlow
Greg Butler
Floyd Campbell
Robert (Bob) Cross
Donna Cunningham Ferhenbach
Annie K. Currie
Bob Davis
Diana Dotson
Carolyn Elbert Camp
Sharon Goldman
Shirley Grupe McCartney
Sheila Harrington Telford
Lynn Harris
Miki Highley Zaba
R. Steve Hill
Barbara King
Jim Klausmeir
John L. Lewis
Joan McElrath
Shirley Macklin Bates
Darrel Miller
John Niederbach
Leslie (Skip) Perks
Skip Pieszala
Susan Ramsey
Kathy Reeter
Linda Rutherford
Edwin (Leon) Scott
John R. Shields
Nancy Smith
Cynthia Sue Sterns Sample
Joanne Taylor
Lucille Taylor
Claudia Voelcher or Volker
Lamae Wachhoiz
Linda White Edelhofer
Charles Windgardner, and
Alice Young Hardenfeld.
Also, verification is still required regarding people who are known to have died and clues as to where we can get their obits. For instance, is the rumor that Martin Moyer has died true or not?

Please help and send in your info to

Thank you.

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