Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois
Curve-In, Fairview Avenue

Monday, May 31, 2010

Four More

Steve Volle was so young. He died at the age of 26, after he collapsed in California. That seems so mysterious and remote. I wish we knew more about Steve, and his life.

Gina Taylor was only 45. She had been a secretary for the Decatur School District, and left behind two children, a son and daughter, sadly. She died in hospice care, apparently.

Tim Cleary passed away at 58. He was serving his country, in the United States Army Reserve. From this long remembrance, many wished to recall him as a joyful father and spirited grandfather. (Tim's photo is from the 1964 Cadet.)

Judith Burke was 59. She apparently died of a heart ailment, and yet seemed to have a loving life full of her two daughters, six grandchildren, and her animals.

Thanks to '66's Judy Sumner for research efforts at the H&R. Thanks to Phil Hunt for assistance with Tim Cleary's photo.

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Sandy Porter said...

Thanks for the obit for Gina. I thought I had one but didn't. Wish there was a way to make them larger. Clicking doesn't help much.

Tim Cleary must be the brother-in-law of Kathy Sullivan Cleary (Kevin) who attended Mac her senior year and graduated with us.