Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois
Curve-In, Fairview Avenue

Friday, June 11, 2010


As you look through the Cadet of 1965, one notes that floats are a major feature of the Yearbook. Why?

"I remember stuffing some kind of tissue into cotton pickin' chicken wire 'til I was blind and my fingers were numb. Now that I look back on them, I'm impressed at how nicely done they were." ~ Donna Camp.

"Our floats blew all the classes away and we won 4 years in a row." ~ Rick Livesay.

"Our class won first place in the float competition EVERY year, a feat that obviously cannot be topped!" ~ Cheryl Lanum.

"We won First Place all 4 years!" ~ Debby Burrows.

"Yes, all 4 years!!!! Class of 1965 ruled!!!! And still does!" ~ Millie McCaddon.

Competing against the other classes at MacArthur, during all four years of homecoming parades, became a personal fight we took to heart. That we were able to beat out all the other classes to win the honor for "best of parade" was experienced as a sign of Class of 1965 pride.

If someone throws down the gauntlet, you shall find the Class of 1965 up for taking first place by having the most members of our Class attending the reunion, as well as having the best margaritas, the best pyramids constructed by our former cheerleaders (with backflips demonstrated along the side), and the best breakdancing exhibitions by former football players. Our nerds and geeks will show off their excellent Apple stock portfolios to grand praise and acclaim, and demonstrate they can text faster than their grandchildren. Our classmates have succeed even in not succeeding, if they so decided, for it isn't about the resume, it's about the life.

We already have beat out all the other classes for having the most interesting lives by the most interesting people in the world!

The competitive juices still run strongly through the varicose veins and arthritic fingers of our Class of 1965!!

The women and men of our class are up for mounting any challenge. Bring 'em on!!

Stay curious, my friends.

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