Decatur, Illinois

Decatur, Illinois
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stephen Day

Stephen Day was involved with golf, class representation, and one of the Big Mac Days, during his high school years. Stephen made it through MacArthur, like a lot of us, being involved, but not too involved. After all, for many of us, getting through high school was a chore on the way to the ultimate goal, which was graduating, to be followed by going to college or getting a job and growing up.

The glory years waited for most of us after Mac. Stephen writes me that he thinks his life is boring, but I disagree. Stephen's post-Mac years are rather reflective of the high points that many of us achieved that hardly feel like big deals to us, but viewed from the outside, are good mountains to have climbed.

Indeed, having had a peek at Stephen's beautiful family, he has much to be proud of, but let me get on with his overview of what he's been up to since 1965.

"I graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1971 with a degree in Pharmacy. Worked at St. Mary's hospital in Decatur for a few years. We moved to Grand Junction, Colorado, where I worked for a pharmaceutical company. In 1983, we moved to Mesa, Arizona. I took a position as Director of Pharmacy for a small hospital. Over the years, the organization grew and merged with another hospital group. Today I'm in the same position as the Director of Pharmacy for Banner Baywood Medical Center, Banner Heart Hospital, and Banner Ironwood Medical Center (opening in November). Wow, my whole life in one paragraph."

I can also add that Stephen is married to Fran LeBel Day, and they have three grown children, Krysten, Bradley, and Jaclyn.

In answer to my question about his first car, Stephen shared the following and sent a photo of what it looked like. You have to imagine the color.

"My first car was a 1960 4-door pea green Valiant 3 speed. I went to my dad one day and told him I needed a car for work, to get to school, and there was no way he was driving me on another date (due to the bad experience my date and I had when I reluctantly agreed to let him drive on a previous occasion). All the other guys had cars and I needed one too. He said, 'OK son, I'll pay half,' (then a long pause as he knew I was getting my hopes up)...then he continued, 'up to $150.'

"So I ended up with this ugly faded pea green thing. One very humid day that summer, while working downtown at Osco Drug, someone egged the car (inside). After that it smelled on the inside like it looked on the outside. To this day I blame that damned car for my lack of luck with the Class of '65 ladies! Obviously I still have fond memories of that car and the good times (and memories) that accompanied it."

This 1960 4-door Valiant is shown in "Twilight Blue," not the "pea green" of the vehicle owned by Stephen.

One final note: After my recent posting about Lynn Calhoun, I got an email from Stephen. He wrote, in part, that, "Lynn is my first cousin and he has had it pretty bad in the intervening years since high school. All of what you've written is true....Viet Nam probably triggered the downward spiral....Thanks to you and those who contributed to the piece."


So what have you been up to in the last, well, 45 years?

Can you help us find our missing classmates?

Add your Mac '65 brief biography to the virtual and real reunion project and see your polished and edited notes published at this blog. To contact Loren Coleman or others on the Mac '65 reunion committee, please use this safe contact form here.

Thank you.

Reunion is set for June 24-25, 2011 !, Decatur, Illinois.

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